2014 Michigan vs. Appalachian State

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Here’s the deal. I am American, UofM Alum, but I live in China. China blocks far too much, most of the internet, including vimeo. Proxies, VPN’s, other methods, etc. do not work well at all for vimeo; I can get to the website with a proxy, but not get videos or view things. Doesn’t anyone have a good high quality release of this first season game? And game 2 ND? No BT link somewhere? I’m sure someone has been able to watch the game, but not me. Privacy settings of the videos also prevent me from getting them – can… Read more »

We had torrents of every game from 2007 – 2012 but had to stop due to legal issues. Ten Yard Torrents has had every Michigan games for several years. There’s also a guy on mgoboard called MGoArchive who posts torrents from time to time. These embeds are locked down for a reason.

I live in South Korea and use VPN to get around geoblocking every day. Everyone in China uses it and I have no idea why it wouldn’t work for you.