2015 Michigan vs. Indiana Postgame

Video by Mark Snyder, Detroit Free Press:

Detroit News video:

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Can I not play said video? In Russia they no offer video, because, obviously. Here in this land of whole milk it is offered but perhaps I have to send a check to Xfinity or Pepsi?

That’s clearly a Coke product placement, not Pepsi. I think the video works now.

Also, this video is filed under uncatorgorized. Is that French for doesn’t work?

So umm the video doesn’t work? Same thing happened with last weeks “in the trenches”, couldn’t play that either, but it seems to only be with this video format, the one where the play button is in the corner

The video should be working now. There was an issue with a plugin that’s been fixed.

The good news is Jake Rudock played his lights out. But, what happened to the run game? The O-line? The D-line? I think from half time onwards, basically Michigan got totally dominated. Couldn’t stop the run and Indiana was moving the chains at will. Something will have to change if Michigan wants to have a chance in beating Ohio State.