Countdown to Kickoff 2014 Day 29

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Brady Hoke ESPN Interview

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Countdown to Kickoff 2014 Day 30

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Devin Gardner, Jake Ryan and Frank Clark went to a Cubs game while in Chicago for Big Ten Media Day.

ESPN’s Tom Luginbill Predicts 9-3

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Is Jabrill Peppers The Next Charles Woodson?

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Detroit News Michigan football beat reporter Angelique Chengelis joins Campus Insiders' Ray Crawford to discuss the high expectations for incoming freshman cornerback Jabrill Peppers.

Big Ten Media Day 2

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Ty Isaac 2013 Every Touch

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Now that Ty Isaac has said he's coming to Michigan, let the over-analysis of his mostly garbage-time carries begin. Isaac only had four carries to run out the clock against Hawaii and Boston College when Lane Kiffin w...

Jabrill Peppers is Slower Than a Robot Velociraptor

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Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology's (KAIST) MSC Lab have developed a velociraptor-like bipedal robot that has a top speed of 46 km/h (28.5 mph) which is slightly faster than Jabrill...

Alex Malzone Elite 11 Day 1

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2015 Michigan QB commit Alex Malzone (Bloomfield Hills, Mich/Brother Rice) is in Oregon competing in the Elite 11 Finals.

Alex Malzone Elite 11 Columbus Regional

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Michigan 2015 QB commit Alex Malzone earned his spot in the Elite 11 finals with an impressive performance at the Columbus regional.

Brian Cole Highlights

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The top-ranked player in the state of Michigan and #2 athlete in the nation according to 247 Sports, Brain Cole (Saginaw, Mich./Heritage), committed to become the ninth member of Michigan's 2015 recruiting class at th...

The Opening 2014: RB vs. LB 1 on 1s

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2013 BWW Bowl: Kansas State vs. Michigan

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2013 Michigan vs. Notre Dame

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2013 Michigan vs. Central Michigan

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1st Quarter: 2nd Quarter: 3rd Quarter: 4th Quarter:

2013 Michigan vs. Northwestern

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2013 Michigan vs. Indiana

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2013 Michigan vs. Minnesota

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2003 Michigan vs. Notre Dame

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2009 Michigan vs. Notre Dame

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2003 Michigan vs. Ohio State

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2003 Michigan vs. Michigan State

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2000 Michigan vs. Ohio State

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2003 Michigan vs. Houston

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1994 Michigan vs. Purdue

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1999 Michigan vs. Ohio State

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Full game: Michigan Replay:   POSTGAME NOTES via MGoBlue Record-Setting CrowdThe crowd of 111,575 fans to watch Michigan play Ohio State is the largest in college football history, breaking th...

1991 Gator Bowl: Michigan vs. Ole Miss

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#12 Michigan (8-3) vs. #15 Ole Miss (9-2) Date January 1, 1991 Season 1990 Stadium Gator Bowl Stadium Location Jacksonville, Florida MVP Dean Dingman, Tom Dohring, Greg Skrepenak,...

1999 Michigan vs. Notre Dame

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1997 Michigan vs. Notre Dame

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1997 Michigan vs. Baylor

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Inside Michigan Football Summer 2014 Ep. 1

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The first summer episode of Inside Michigan Football takes a look at how the new offense has progressed and what some Wolverines are doing off the field this summer. Doug Karsch interviews new Offensive Coordinator Do...

Inside Michigan Football Summer 2014 Ep. 2

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Inside Michigan Football 2013 Episode 1

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Inside Michigan Football 2013 Ep. 13

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Inside Michigan Football 2013 Ep. 12

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Inside Michigan Football 2013 Ep. 10

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Michigan vs. Tennessee 2014 Sweet Sixteen

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Game: Highlights: Recap: Postgame:

Michigan vs. MSU 1-25-14

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Michigan vs. Texas 2014 NCAA Tournament

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Game: Recap: Postgame:

Michigan vs. Stanford 12-21-13

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Michigan vs. Illinois 3-4-14

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Full Game: O Canada: Highlights: Postgame:

Michigan vs. Kentucky 2014 Elite Eight

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Recap: Postgame:

The Brady 6

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Drew Henson: Forever B1G

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1997 Michigan Football – Big Ten Elite

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