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Brady Hoke Presser 10-1-14

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Rutgers Week Monday Presser

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Hoke transcript below Opening Comments: “I know there’s been a lot of talk from a lot of people, speculation, rumors, innuendo, whatever on what happened and what’s going on with Shane [Morris]. ...

Brady Hoke Minnesota Postgame Presser

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Opening Comments: “Number one, Minnesota, give them credit, give Jerry [Kill] credit, but at the same time we're very disappointed in how we played football today. When you look at different aspects of our game...

Brady Hoke Presser 9-24-14

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Jug Week Monday Presser

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(Transcript below) Opening statement: "Number one, thanks for coming out. We start Big Ten play this week, and something that we have always fixed on is the Big Ten Championship. Getting started ...

Brady Hoke Utah Postgame Presser

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Brady Hoke Presser 9-17-14

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Utah Week Monday Presser

4.68K Views views2 weeks ago

Brady Hoke (transcript below): Greg Mattison: Doug Nussmeier: Brennen Beyer, Derrick Green, Jack Miller: Opening statement: "Thanks for coming out. Saturday was good to get back on the field, to...

Michigan vs. Miami (OH) Postgame

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Brady Hoke Miami (OH) Midweek Presser

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Miami (OH) Week Presser

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Opening statement: "Thanks for coming. As far as where we're at as a team, we went back to work yesterday, and the attitude and how we're staying together and the leadership throughout the team has been awfully...

Brady Hoke Notre Dame Postgame

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Opening comments: “Notre Dame played a very good football game and we didn't. You've got to give them a lot of credit; a lot credit to what they did on third downs, either defending us or their third down oppor...

Derrick Green, Jake Ryan and Joe Bolden on Notre Dame Game

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Derrick Green: Jake Ryan: Joe Bolden:

Brady Hoke Notre Dame Midweek Presser

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Brady Hoke (transcription below): Opening comments: “We had a very good practice yesterday. Sometimes that’s unusual on the first day of school, because they’ve been in classes, and [gotten used to] fall camp ...

Notre Dame Week Presser

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Devin Gardner, Devin Funchess and Raymon Taylor: Brady Hoke (transcription below): Greg Mattison: Doug Nussmeier: Opening statement "Number one, thanks for coming out. You know, it was good to ...

Michigan vs. Appalachian State Postgame

7.23K Views views1 month ago

Hoke: Players: Gardner postgame interview:

Brady Hoke Wednesday Presser 8-27-14

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Opening comments: “We have 72 hours until we kick off. We’re excited about that. I think that’s something that every team in this country – you’ve been practicing against each other, you’ve been doing things ag...

Appalachian State Week Presser

5.97K Views views1 month ago

Hoke: Players: Mattison: Nussmeier: Game Notes Opening statement: "Thanks for coming. It's exciting to be here in game week. We had a good camp, I thought we competed every day, and it's exc...

Brady Hoke Presser 8-22-14

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Opening comments: “We’ll break camp tomorrow. We've had two really good practices after taking Wednesday just to get them a little back healthy and rest and all that kind of stuff. The guys have done a nice job...

Derrick Green on Running Back Competition

5.50K Views views1 month ago

Brady Hoke Presser 8-20-14

4.04K Views views1 month ago

Opening Statement: “I think we haven’t spoken since Saturday. We’ve had good practices, good energy, good competition. I think that’s one thing we’ve talked about every time is to compete and challenge one anot...

Brady Hoke Presser 8-14-14

4.02K Views views2 months ago

Dymonte Thomas, Blake Countess and Jarrod Wilson on DB competition and freshmen:

Brady Hoke Presser 8-12-14

4.93K Views views2 months ago

Brady Hoke Media Day Presser 8-10-14

2.44K Views views2 months ago

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