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John Beilein Postgame SMU

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Jim Harbaugh Presser 12-18-14

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-Q: What does the running back situation look like right now? -HARBAUGH: Frank practiced today and Alphonso Smith has had a good week and we have a new back that has worked in very nicely. So anticipate him bei...

Jim Harbaugh Monday Presser 12-15-14

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Jim Harbaugh Postgame Presser at Seattle

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-Q: Were you happy with your team’s effort with all the injuries you suffered? -HARBAUGH: Yeah. Very proud of that. Effort was plus-plus. They fought like champs. -Q: With your loss and Detroit’s win, you’re...

Jim Harbaugh Monday Presser 12-8-14

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Harbaugh was asked about the Rappaport report at about 7:40 and he didn't confirm it. In other words, Harbaugh is still at least considering Michigan as of today.

Jim Harbaugh Postgame at Oakland

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-Q: You had the long week to prepare for this, what do you make of this loss? -HARBAUGH: We didn’t play well enough to win. In enough areas to get us beat. -Q: Do you think it was a lack of energy for you te...

John Beilein Postgame NJIT

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Jim Harbaugh Presser 12-1-14

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Brady Hoke Ohio State Postgame

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Brady Hoke Presser 11-26-14

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Opening statement: “This week, and we’ve talked about it earlier on Monday, is always a different week. We’ve had two very good [practice] sessions. You always start early it seems like for this game. We were o...

Ohio State Week Monday Presser

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(Hoke transcript below) Opening statement: "Thanks for coming. This is one of those weeks where there is a lot of excitement and obviously when this rivalry, which I believe is the greatest one i...

Maryland Postgame

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John Beilein Detroit Postgame Presser

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Brady Hoke Presser 11-19-14

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John Beilein Bucknell Postgame

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Maryland Week Monday Presser

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(Hoke transcript below) Opening statement: "Obviously you all know, and I put a statement out, we had a situation during the bye week with a young man making a bad decision. After getting all the...

John Beilein Hillsdale Postgame

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Brady Hoke Presser 11-12-14

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Brady Hoke Presser 11-5-14

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Northwestern Week Monday Presser

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(Transcript below) Opening statement: "Thanks for coming. It was good to win last week. It's always good to win; it's kind of redundant and obvious, but really for how these guys practice and how...

Brady Hoke Indiana Postgame Presser

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Brandon Out

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WXYZ report: Schlissel's full speech: Ding dong:  

John Beilein Media Day Presser

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Brady Hoke Presser 10-29-14

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