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Can you make this so we don’t have 30 seconds of no audio? It kind of ruins it.

Worked just fine listening to it… Side note, Bryant Gumbel seems naive to the narrative that JH preaches (he follows his own code).. His last snark about what JH view of football was telling (as he tries to act like he is the advocate to protect athletes from tyrants of coaches like his March real sport)… Just seem a bit off base with the reaction he made

Audio works for me. What 30 seconds are you missing?

Can you make it subtitle? I am deaf can not hear what they are saying… 🙁

Fred, I made an automatic transcription for you last night and I’m trying to link to it but I think I keep getting caught up in a spam comments filter. Go to pastebin dot com slash 235CXpun

I don’t think Vimeo has automatic subtitles and there isn’t a subtitle track in the file. I tried uploading to YouTube for you but it was blocked worldwide.

I don’t think Vimeo has subtitles/cc so I uploaded it to YouTube for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1sg8I32MIs

A little language filtering would be nice. I was just a bit upset sitting here watching with my kids with no warning whatsoever of the foul mouthing. I know it’s football talk and all but come on! Is this the Michigan way?

Kevin the tree hugger

Brian you sound like a cry baby conservative who is still mad at Elvis because he shook his hips too much

It was on HBO, not the Disney channel. Besides, he swore. Its not like he smacked your baby. Get over it.

I wasn’t watching it on HBO, so thank you for making my point for me. The intellect and classiness here matches that of any Sparty fan out there.

Brian – you must have just now encountered the internet for the first time so here’s a suggestion: if you’re randomly viewing video for the first time containing adult issues with your young children, you’re going to experience words and images that are adult-related. Best to view them first without the kiddies.

Brian, your snobbish and holier than tou demeanor matches that of Notre Dame.

This video was produced by and broadcasted on HBO. If you found that language shocking, I’m sorry that you never had the chance to attend a Bo (or Mo, Carr, Rich Rod, Hoke) practice. Harbaugh is a son of U-M and Bo and if you feel that competition and winning isn’t the Michigan way feel free to GTFO.

Well said mgovideo!

You serious, Clark?


Interesting…he might be insane to many people but we will take it. I think the player he was yelling at might be wilton speight. Hopefully we get him to stay here for the rest of his coaching career

Will you post the harbaugh from espn draft academy? With Winston and Petty?

The dude hasn’t even coached a game yet at Michigan and they already are starting the “harbaugh back to the NFL” talk. Seems a bit premature.

Wow is Bryant Gumbel a tool. Sure shows how big of a bleeding heart lib he really is and sure shows why I luv Harbaugh.

That look when Gumbel reads the quote. Precious little ballerina that he is.

Thanks Stephen.

There is no question that he will restore the program. It’s only a matter of time.

Oh yes, this reminds me of why I don’t like Bryant Gumble. He is arrogance personified….

I cannot believe Bryant gumble is making such a big thing over what coach said. I say God bless Coach cause this country needs folks like him to make men that are actually manly because for to long man have been made to feel like that being masculine is a bad thing.

About time we had someone who realizes men need to rekindle their fighting spirit and toughness! The sissification agenda is winning out and now we have a real man to build real men as they grow through the glorious sport of football! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: the libs are coming for football now……hence the underlying tone of the hbo clip.

I agree with Brian.
For the sake of raising good kids, grow up and get some morals. The profanity was totally unnecessary.