Inside Michigan Football 2014 Episode 3

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Great video!

Where are the Michigan touchdowns highlight reel at against Notre Dame?

Uh…you can see some from years past on YouTube…

I think he means from this year’s game. 🙁

Total butt kicking. In terms of how the two programs are heading, it’s probably a good thing the match up takes a break. Regroup, hire a new coach, and hope to play well against Miami OH. Maybe in five years Blue can compete for a MAC title.

Can someone please explain how the team bounces back from this “butt kicking”? Second best winning % all time with the worst “coach” of all time. The “experts” chose UM to win. Maybe the coaches missed the memo.

scUM may think ND are chicken, but at least they don’t lay goose eggs.

Big Brother Aint so Smart

You mean like in 2007 AND 2003? DERRRRRRRRRR

Stay classy Sparty