Michigan Football Doppelgänger: Jehu Chesson

I don’t actually know much about Michael Spath. I heard he was at The Wolverine since he was about 14, and now he’s got a new radio show on WTKA starting August 15. He writes scripts about Michigan football and reads them into a microphone, sometimes after getting home from the bar, for fun. He also tweets about baseball and hockey. A lot. What a dork. OMG MAYBE HE’S MY MICHIGAN FOOTBALL DOPPELGANGER.

You can think of this series like mgoblog’s YMRMFSPA (you may remember me from such players as), except you get a 2-3 minute video written and narrated by Spath. There will be more soon whether you want them or not. So who do you think is Jehu Chesson’s Doppelgänger?

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