Michigan vs. Appalachian State Defense Every Snap

  • Mike

    surprised you missed the Taco sack

    • So Wormley’s 3rd down sack didn’t count. ESPN went to commercial, came back and had another 3rd down (Taco’s sack) without explanation. I left Wormley’s sack in and added Taco’s. I still haven’t had time to watch the whole game. That’s why I just skipped to the next drive after I cut the Wormley sack.

      • Mike

        I was wondering the same thing! Wormley’s TFL on the option was third down..I thought I was the only one that noticed that

  • Ash

    Notre Dame bloggers & writers are predicting that they will beat Michigan by at least 10 pts. I don’t care what happens rest of the season. I would love to see them proven wrong.