Step Into My Office: Brady Hoke

Posted on August 25, 2013 at 12:55 am
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5 Responses to Step Into My Office: Brady Hoke

  1. Lonnie says:

    That was the worst coach game ever. .why would you leave in the rb and he miss every block on every pass play. .. no heart for a michigan football team it’s been like that all year something has to change. ..

  2. Lonnie says:

    The bad part is that they looked like a middle school football team …and coming off a week off ..If that’s the way they are going to play then leave the big Ten and go to the mac. I am embarrassed as a fan ..and as a football team all the way down to the equipment guy yall should just be embarrassed .when you share a record with Minnesota that tells you just how bad you are. ..oh thanks for showing up this year and giving us something not to cheer for. …

  3. Lonnie says:

    Brady Hoke please respond my email address is

  4. Lonnie says:

    Okay let’s talk about this sorry ass football game as a offense of coordinator that was the worst called game as a head coach you let to much go. Your soft on your players and it shows up on the field. I can’t remember when a michigan football team played with no heart or pride, and it’s accepted by the head coach. 14 sacks in two games wow .you might as well pick up players walking on campus . This year is over Minnesota is going to get a better bowl game then you will. I don’t know how this is acceptable. Why play the game if you’re not going to show up. Just tell the truth about this sorry team .. hell i guess we should feel lucky that they won any games . No blocking by the number one rb no help with the wr . Qb holding the ball to long. Not making the right reads no hot routes . Why play don’t say so they can learn .cause what did they learn from last week. Nothing. Where is your fight as a head coach , you can’t be positive all the time and get a good effort ,when we look like a high school team.

  5. Lonnie says:

    Great game I’m proud of yall for fighting as hard as yall did. .only thing is changed that 2 point play at the end when they called a time out they was set to stop that. .great job stand tall and be proud …go blue

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